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Personal reports from our young professionals and graduates

What do you think is special about Roto?

Karim Bsoul, Corporate Development
Roto Leinfelden

"Roto offers Generation Y – and therefore me – many things that are really important for me in my professional life:
First and foremost, products that are totally future-proof and that I can really get behind. They help people to create a comfortable, safe home and therefore offer real added value and benefits.

As an employee in Corporate Development, I deal with a range of different tasks and issues which contribute towards the continued strategic development of Roto. From the very beginning, I felt that other staff had a great deal of confidence in my work and I learned that my opinion counts at Roto. This isn’t a matter of course elsewhere and it enormously helps my further development, both in my professional and personal endeavours. In addition, I find regular feedback meetings with a fair, constructive and open atmosphere to be extremely helpful.

All in all, what I like is the mix at Roto: here, I benefit from the long-term job security provided by a company with a history going back over 80 years, but I still get to take on the exciting global tasks and challenges of a market leader that is active all over the world. In addition, I consider internal channels at Roto to be very short, which gives me the ability to get an insight into other departments without any complications.

There isn’t one single point that makes Roto special. Instead, I think what makes Roto special is the way in which the aforementioned points come together, as well as the unbelievably friendly atmosphere."

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