Are your school days or studies coming to an end, and are you still not quite certain what path you want to take? Then get inspired by an internship at Roto!

We give you an insight into technical and commercial fields. Here you will learn more about the working environment of the profession you would like to enter into, as well as the associated work processes. Simply let us know what areas you are particularly interested in.

We look forward to spurring you on to embark on your future career.

Personal reports from our interns

What was your first impression as an intern at Roto?

Christina Nagy, Roto Leinfelden

"I have nice, knowledgeable supervisors in the various process areas. Thanks to the well-organised structure and collaboration in the individual processes, I quickly gained an overview of the company and my introductory training went smoothly.

All in all, I feel that I am in really good hands and even in the first week, I was given small projects to take charge of on my own. This meant that I was involved in what was going on straight away.

I think that regular shop floor meetings for communication and passing on information are great because they mean that everyone is at the same level. Clearly structured workspaces (ROS) help me in my day-to-day work and I can always find the right person to contact on the intranet whenever I have any questions."



What was your experience of your internship at Roto?

Katharina Rohr, Roto Leinfelden

"Right from the outset, I was warmly welcomed into the training programme, by the training managers, the trainees and the dual studies students alike. Even after a short period of time, I felt like a fixed part of the training programme.
During my internship, I got a good insight into the training organisation and was involved in all activities (screening application documents, assessment centre, interviews, preparations for the training event, attending trade fairs, etc.). Even after just a short time, I was able to contribute my own ideas and take responsibility.
I really liked how the trainees and dual studies students at Roto view themselves as a community and support each other."

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